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    August 2020
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I don’t like goodbyes…

… and that’s why this isn’t one – at least I don’t think so.

However, I have decided to keep private all my previous posts: don’t ask me why, but I’ve suddenly grown wary of what one should post on the web. Gone are the days I felt the need to air my feelings, my experiences, to anyone who just passed by this doorstep of mine – granted, I never really had that much traffic around, and I’ve grown to like some of the few that commented from time to time. They have a special place in my heart, I am grateful I could connect with them through WordPress (you know who you are…).

I have actually moved on to other means of stayin’ connected: twitter and faceb*k have become my – still scarce on twitter – expression channels, even though I would sign off from the latest if all of my friends would move on to twitter – do you read this? come on people! let’s ditch that hell of options and privacy parameters and small print that doesn’t even ring true sometimes…

So, back to this Pearwood Luggage: I am not sure what I want to turn this into, but I haven’t closed it because… well because I am a bit of a “this might be useful sometime” kind of person and guess this never-in-the-mood-for-writing-a-blog-post may very well pass some day in the future… who knows what I could feel the need to tell the world about? a house…? a wedding…? a baby…? my WoW experience…? my cats…? (oh, already done that…)

See you! 🙂

PS: I definitely should keep writing, if only to keep my English fresh! I admit this blog has always been a time-hogger, I spend waayy too much time checking grammar, phrasing, wording (is that even a word?) and though I tried to keep my posts shorter and more spontaneous (remember my ‘thought shots’?) I always ended up telling a ton of stuff… then sometimes ditching it because it felt too long tedious or boring for anyone but me… *sigh* just like this post scriptum!